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Ineke Stolp
Midwifery, mentoring, and birth education



As a midwife, it has been my passion and privilege to guide people on their journey to and through early parenthood. Though every birth is unique, I know that there is one thing that helps parents have a better, and more positive birth experience. No matter the birth setting, country or culture - when parents are educated, feel supported, and are prepared for birth, they feel empowered and in control. 


I have found that birth education is SO important for a better birth experience, that I have decided to personally start teaching and mentoring expecting parents, and support them during their birth adventure and beyond.   

When I was an expecting parent myself, at times I felt overwhelmed and anxious. As a midwife, I knew what to expect, but my husband didn't - we needed to prepare as a team! We found support and community, and together we navigated the birth of our daughter feeling proud and accomplished. My goal is for every parent to feel prepared, comfortable and encouraged as they take on their new role, and to make informed choices based on the latest evidence about the best care for themselves and their newborn - however their unique birth and parenting adventure might unfold. 

Whether you are planning a hospital, birth center, or home birth - my varied first-hand experience as a parent and midwife puts me in the best place to answer any questions you might have. I also offer continuing education for birth professionals with the latest research on a range of topics. 

Take a look at the options below, or find out more about me.


I am looking forward to connecting with you!


- Ineke 

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Are you an expecting parent,  looking for evidence-based information, an experienced teacher, and 100% online classes? 
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About Ineke - Ineke Stolp

Are you looking for up-to-date continuing education on relevant topics? Click here to find out more if you are a nurse, midwife, doula or physician.


I am an international and experienced midwife, and also a new parent. Click here to learn more about me, and my philosophy on birth education.

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